Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Sisterhood Hat

The Sisterhood Hat

A symbol of shared goals

I planned to knit a plain squarish hat, but thought the flat and back tableaus would be much more interesting with a pattern of some sort. As I 'played' with texture and patterning, I found that by making some changes to a classic cable pattern, I couldd create the female symbol. And not only the symbol, but interlocking symbols. It was a symbol of sisterhood.

I rushed to chart the design and share it on to Ravelry, but my software program seemed to buck me all the way. It certainly wasn't working properly, so I made the chart in whole. That is, four interlocking symbols.

Make it once, if you prefer, for the design on the front. Repeat it on the back for the design on both sides.
The Sisterhood hat, as worn

The design uses different size cables--3/3, 2/2, 2/1, 1/2, and 1/1 cables. The larger cables (3/3) run up the sides of the hat for structure. and the others create the circle. There is only one increase row--to add the stitches necessary to make the circle, and one decrease row at the end of the circle. 

The software was also doing some strange things with the text output, too, so it took me longer to find and correct the written directions. I've counted and recounted and am confident that they are good, but always welcome someone else's input.

I knit the prototype in JaggerSpun worsted lambswool and then knit another in Red Heart Comfort Sport yarn to test both the pattern and the yarn. 
Side structural cable on
the Sisterhood Hat

Although it was time-consuming to work up the pattern, I considered offering it as a free download. In the end, I  decided to use hat sales to benefit an appropriate cause. 

All proceeds from pattern sales go to Alice's List, which supports candidates running for office in local New Jersey elections and who support and empower women to bring them into full political, financial, and social equality.

I really had fun with this project and hope others do, too.