Sunday, November 3, 2013

So what is it about gender?

Don’t get me wrong: I am impressed with David Babcock—the Kansas man who set a world record for knitting a 12 foot scarf while running marathon. For one, running a marathon is impressive. Knitting a 12 foot scarf, less so. Lots of knitters do it, just not while running. But now I know that running a marathon while knitting is one way to make the record books. And length of the item is very important.

But this record-breaker is a man.

I do not believe that a woman knitter who did the same thing would get as much press as Babcock has.  Oh, there would be a story, but it would have noted the accomplishment and that would have been that. It’s now nearly two weeks after the run and I’m still seeing news stories about Babcock. There is no new information, just recycled news.  

Have you heard of Susie Hewer? I thought not. Known in the UK as  "the extreme knitting redhead," Hewer knits during marathons to support Alzheimer’s research fundraising efforts.  She set a record in London in the spring. Somehow I missed her record-breaking feat and the 6 ft. 9 in. long scarf.

(Just wondering…what happens to the scarves? Do they sit on a shelf? Provide a bed for loved pets? Get donated to charity? Slowly make their way to the dustbin?)

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