Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mired down in stuff

How did I accumulate all this ‘stuff?’ I know I needed it at one time. I don’t just bring stuff home for the fun of it. The question now is, ‘do I really need it now?’

And ‘need’ is a very loose term. I ‘might’ need it, but really? I doubt it.

This past week my precious time has been bogged down clearing out 20 plus years of accumulated stuff. We did really well when we were moving every few years. We kept it pretty slim. Now the house is bloated and I can almost hear it burp periodically.

This clearing out is akin to my exercise plan. Slim down. 

But it’s not been easy adhering to the schedule of a closet a week—especially when more than closets need cleared. Take my office file cabinet. I thought I’d pretty well cleared it out a month ago, but there was still a boatload of stuff. And most was either important or essential.

The file cabinet is empty now and ready for a new home, but the floor of my office has a couple piles that must find new homes. Their home can’t be in the closet, as that needs one terrific clean-out. 

Next week, I plan to channel my son: If he doesn’t need it, it goes out. He’s a heavy user of craigslist and eBay as distribution channels. 

I keep saying I’ll follow his example, but that's one more thing to get organized. I'll put it on the list.

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