Thursday, January 29, 2015

Settling into new routines

It's been three full weeks of Saturdays. Three weeks of mostly driving M a little crazy as my comings and goings interfere with his regular routine.

I telecommuted for the last 18 years of my work life--first to a Minneapolis office, then to one in New York. Except when traveling for business, I was home. And that was most days. M was retired all of that time, so it might seem that there was a comfortable routine. There was, but working from a home office meant that I was pretty much tied to my desk upstairs most of the day. Except for lunchtime, the downstairs was his.

Now I'm in and out and up and down as I try to impose some sense of order to household items and to my 'stuff." And there is a lot is 'stuff' that was set aside for when I would have the time to pursue those interests. That time is now. Even on days a nap sounds delightful, I rarely am able to mirror his routine and fall asleep in the afternoon--downstairs, of course.

I admit to impatience and some frustration. I want spaces clear of clutter. Realistically, I know that is not possible in three weeks time, but that doesn't mean I don't long for it.

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