Monday, January 5, 2015

Six Saturdays: Day One

It's Day One of my new six Saturday week and I working on a new daily schedule. Many would consider that ridiculous, considering that I am now officially retired, but I'm serious. I don't consider these newly-free days a time of leisure. Rather, I consider this a time of transition. I've put a lot of things on hold over the past many years--things that I love to do, things I'm itching to do, and things I want to share into the next generation. 

Now is the time. And to temper my habit of drastically underestimating the time it will take for me to complete any given task, I plan to prioritize and schedule upcoming tasks. 

There are some long overdue tasks on the lists that, once completed, can drop to the maintenance list. Think closets and garage.

Completion of organizational projects such as digitizing family photos and household inventories  will gain a big check mark and drop from the list, too.

And then there are the tasks of passion, which I only call 'tasks' in order to assign them high priority. Chief among them is fiber. I want to immerse myself in it. I want to finish that rug that has been on my loom for nearly 20 years and I want to put on a new warp. I want to knit and I want publish my knitting patterns. I want to spin--just for fun.

The schedule must, of necessity, be a relatively relaxed one, but as a deadline-driven person, it will impose some structure on what could easily deteriorate into days of sitting reading or knitting. And given the many years of neglect, the schedule must be broken into manageable chunks

Now to tackle some of the clutter my studio so that I can move closer to those tasks of passion. 

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