Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Got inspired. Got moving.

As mentioned in a prior post, as part of my transition strategy, I signed on for classes with Stephen West and Steven Be when they were at Woolbearers in Mt. Holly. I used the time as part of my re-entry plan, that is, jump back into the fiber world and immerse myself. 
Get inspired. Get moving.
The two Steph/vens brought trunks of garments. They also brought loads of luscious yarns. 
Inspiration? Fulfilled.
The next imperative was to get moving and knit something. I opted for a green colorway using two fingering weight yarns--Hedgehog Fibres 'Bali' and Three Irish Sisters Adorn 'McNamara'--plus a custom blend of four yarns that included a green mohair and three synthetics in kelly green, blue, and black.
For a pattern, I started with Stephen West's 'Daybreak.' The pattern is for a small shawl/bandanna or a full-size shawl. I opted for the smaller size as I like the look of the smaller size worn as a stand-out bandanna with my typical and standard black ensembles. It's an easy pattern that is basically just knits and purls, but it's based on two colors and I wanted to use three. So after the first section that is a single color, I let go and let the colors happen. I had a ball.
I had also bought two complementary yarns. (Yes, I know. I had vowed to resist the urge to purchase until I got my personal stash somewhat under control.)
Anyway, my two beautiful yarns must be knit. Hedgehog Fibres' 'Peacock' is a riot of color and must be tamed a bit (IMHO). I'm looking to the Schulana's kid mohair and silk in a rich blue to do it. I'm knitting them together, that is, as if they were one thread.

And the pattern? I like StevenBe's ponchini design, but it doesn't quite fit the yarns that I have. After sorting through my swatch collection, thumbing through Barbara Walker's treasuries on knit patterns, and knitting swatches, I found what I was looking for. The choice is a variation on one of the Walker patterns.

I'm nearly done, but only worried that I'll run out of the main yarn. We've all been there. I'll just keep knitting.

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