Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Granting the gap a name

This month, I had a writing break that was neither planned nor a slowdown. It just was. And because it's August, I'm calling it my ferragosto.

Life slows down in Italy in August. Actually, that's true across Europe and many shops and restaurants, especially the smaller ones, close for a couple of weeks. The Italians call it 'ferragosto.'

Conversely, I haven't slowed down, but instead of blogging, I've been very busy making and finishing things. I've kept my sewing machine humming with some things I can't talk about yet.

Two major unfinished projects have been haunting me. A rug on the loom and about four yards of handwoven fabric.

The rug. I finished weaving it but can't yet call it finished as I must tie it off and finish the ends. More details and photos to come, obviously

Handwoven yardage. I originally envisioned it made up into a coat. Warped with very fine wool yarn, it was an absolute bear to weave. Although threaded and woven to an 8-shaft herringbone twill, it was so sticky that it didn't weave up to my expectation--or satisfaction.

To stabilize the fabric and harmonize the effect, I lightly wet-felted it. This created a nice tweedy effect in which the herringbone is just barely visible. Nice fabric, but not enough yardage or yarn for the coat I'd imagined. I hemmed and hawed and let it sit for a good while while I pondered its future.

Finally, finally I've found a yarn that complements the gray-blue fabric without outshouting or detracting from it. And since finding it, I've been deep in the weeds working out trim patterns. Photos to follow.

So now you're caught up. (Unfortunately, I'm not--and doubt that I will ever be.)

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