Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Yarn immersion

A family tradition

Exhibition of past Vogue patterns re-imagined
I don't know how many years it takes to make a tradition, but for the past several years, Kris and I have gone to Vogue Knitting Live New York for two days. This year Lauren joined us and it became even more special.

Call it time away from the daily routine. Call it education. Or just call it a fun two-days living and breathing yarn. Whatever it's called, it's fun and an opportunity to  learn new skills, gather ideas, be inspired, and spend time with loved ones.

Learning curve

Kris and I have discussed the learning curve associated with any classes like these. If you're a beginner, the learning curve can be daunting and overwhelming. So much to learn. So little time. But for the more experienced, a foundation of knowledge exists so expectation must be tempered. At this point, learning comes in increments. Not leaps.

We agree that if we get at least one really good idea, inspiration or experience from a class, it was successful. I took two classes that added incrementally--one about knitted edgings with Melissa Leapman and another on pattern writing with Deborah Newton. A success!
Marketplace opens with lots to entice

Marketplace fun

Then there is the Marketplace. I prefer to visit on  Friday evening to Saturday, when the crowds are greatest.
I wasn't a big buyer. I needed a skein of royal purple worsted-weight yarn to make a hat to wear this weekend to the Women's March on New Jersey in Trenton. I found it at Dragonfly Fibers!

My only other purchase was a stemless wine glass from Annie & Co with etched "Three Sheeps to the Wind" just for fun.

And when I have a glass of wine from my fun wine glass, I'll remember the time together with special loved ones.

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