Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Two challenges, one project

I know, I know. I haven't been posting much. But I have been weaving.

8 shaft Bateman Extended Manifold Twill
My latest project combines two challenges. One is color and the other, a Bateman weave. First I'll explain the color. 

I was at the newly acquired Silk City Fibers last fall and brought home some lovely bamboo from their sale room. In doing so, I set up a challenge for myself. You see, the colors I brought home are not ones I usually work with. Spring colors. Pale green, pink, fuchsia pink, yellow. Nice sunny color, yellow, but not one of my favorites. 

The Bateman is another challenge of another sort. I joined the Complex Weavers' Bateman study group three years ago because I knew absolutely nothing about Bateman--or his weaves. This year, the focus is on Bateman Extended Manifold Twills. 

And I've worked up one project so far (and ready to start another!), but want to share with my local weaving study group. But, of course, meeting in person is still a problem, and we'll be meeting online. We've had about three meetings online so far and they're great except.....it's really, really hard to see fabric that's held in front of a computer camera. So the plan is to provide the meeting host with photos that can be better shared for the visual part of the sharing.

To make it less difficult for the host to keep track of my photos, I compiled them in a slide show. It's only a few slides, but thought you might like to see what I've been up to lately. Check it out!

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